The code name given to the development of the atomic bomb.The key question to philosophise or think about:
Was the motive of dropping the bomb on Hiroshima to end the war, or to intimidate The Soviet Union?

How advanced was  Nazi Germany’s project in developing the bomb?

Manhattan Project

#600 000 workers

#Unlimited funding

#. Supply of all uranium, plutonium in free world, also heavy water (used to absorb neutrons)

#All the great scientists in America and free Europe, BOHR, FERMI, EINSTEIN to some extent.

# 16 laboratories, all dealing with a different question. E.g. How to trigger the bomb, amount U-235 needed, the seperation of U-238 from U-235etc.

Implications for society

#Many Americans believed it ended the war as soon after the second bomb was dropped, Japan surrendered. Germany had already surrendered.

#Some argued that the bombs were dropped as a warning to the Soviet Union.

#Thus beginning the nuclear arms race.

# Thus commencing the Cold War, which had huge implications; the arms race, Vietnam and Korean Wars, splitting of Berlin after the war, 

# McCarthy era in America. Any liberal or left wing person was labelled a communist and persecuted.

The role of politics in science.  

Bohr believed scientists had a role in advising government.

Ratblat,  Oppenheimer immediately saw the dangers of the use of such weapons. Many scientists later wished to ban such weapons.
The prospect of nuclear power.

An enormous source of electricity, without the production of carbon dioxide

Problems associated with nuclear wastes

The industrialisation of science.

Commenced the scientific age.